About Us

Our School

Little Diddle Preschool is an affiliate of Hey Diddle Diddle Day School which has been in operation since 1995. The original school expanded to another beautiful building in September of 2010
to accommodate our wait list and continue to grow in Fort Washington. Our key to success is our qualified, professional staff and our policy that the children come first. Little Diddle Preschool offers full and part day educational programs to children ages one to pre-kindergarten. Our staff members are well educated and experienced which enables us to give the students a high quality educational program during their day in a caring, nurturing environment.

Little Diddle Preschool has been actively enrolling children for our four classrooms accommodating babies as young as 12 weeks through Pre Kindergarten aged children. We foster a learning, caring environment where your child will grow and learn and be happy. Our qualified teachers use educational curriculums with the one year olds and older and our students successfully learn while having fun every day.

Little Diddle Preschool is open all year, and incorporate specials such as Music, Movement and Dance, and Gym class with professionals who come to our school.

Our Educational Philosophy

We believe children are naturally curious. We encourage this by providing a bright, friendly, caring environment, which allows children to learn while having fun. We offer an outlet for their creativity by planning hands on activities, which allow the students to work independently or together to achieve a common goal. We provide opportunities to develop independence and ultimately confidence and a positive self-image. By having fun and learning through play children learn to love school. Learning an appreciation for education is important to develop since this is the beginning of your child’s formal education.

Our Goals

To provide and nurturing and safe environment.

To expose our students to a wide variety of academic, physical and social stimuli in a friendly environment where participation is encouraged and given freely

To teach children the building blocks of a healthy life including: love and concern for others, respect for others, adults and children alike, respect for property, and how to function independently as well as part of a group.

Our Curriculum

Our Pre-Kindergarten curriculum provides a comprehensive instructional program, which features the following academic standards:

Language arts standards include:

Listening and speaking skills

Creative Thinking skills

The elements of language patterns

Pre Reading and Literacy skills

Pre Writing skills

Mathematics standards include:

Counting and Recognizing Numbers through Double Digits

One to One Correspondence

Pattern recognition


The program incorporates basic science, geography awareness, physical education and computer technology.

The monthly themes will correspond with and concentrate on the alphabet and shape review. You will receive a monthly newsletter, which will offer more specific information on your child’s classroom fun.


Our students’ progress is assessed continually as they play and learn through out each day. Our teachers recognize that each child learns at a different pace and plan specific activities to help each child reach their potential. Developmental observations are prepared twice a year to help us relay information about your child to you. We will share this documentation during Parent Conferences.

We look forward to providing the best child care possible for your family in an environment were your child will flourish and be excited for their school career.